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League Rules and Regulations

Our rules are not as different to any leagues, We use high school rules as the reference of our referees but incorporate our additional rules.

Such as:

*Finals game  in 4 quarters with 2min stop time at the last quarter. 

*All teams are included in playoffs/knockouts regardless of standings.

*Minimum of 3 games per player must play to be able to play in the playoffs (player must be in the  submitted lineup  of the opening season)

Additional League Rules:

1. Team arriving late will get a penalty. (Penalty will be points given to opposing team depending how much minutes delayed until game completely starts.)

2. If Player's are late. A minimum of 3 players of the scheduled team can be considered for a team to play in the game to avoid default. Team can get a substitute temporarily to complete 5  but players in the lineup of the Team must arrive within 10min of the 1st half or team without players in the lineup will be disqualified and take a loss of the game.

Playing Basketball


*All Players are to conduct themselves in an appropriate and sportsmanlike fashion.

*No Player has the right to verbally or physically abuse officials, scorers or other players and committees.

*Any player involved in any altercations, fighting, shoving, threats, etc. to officials, scorers, committee or other players shall be fined and will be banned from the league indefinitely until issue has been resolved.

Note: Fines will be decided by the committee depending how serious the incident and involvement of the individual.

*Does not matter who initiated the fight, if both teams retaliated, all involved will be suspended. If the incident happened during playoffs, any player or team will be suspended till that season is over.

Referee Calls

*Respect Referee's calls.

*If a Ref makes a call and you don't like it, Please respectfully ask and they will be able to explain why.

*Not all referees call the same. Please try to understand.

Basketball Coach
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